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About Us

As a financial consulting firm, we enjoy working with like-minded individuals, who value intellectual curiosity and innovative thinking. Our style is collaborative. We believe a desired outcome requires more than a strong thesis – aligned interests and effective execution are important ingredients for success. Our client base includes business owners, professionals, and high net worth families.


Private Client Strategies

We transform innovative concepts into clear strategies that facilitate effective decision making and actionable plans, with a view towards capital growth.

We assist clients to navigate financial options. As integration specialists, we also work with a client’s existing advisors to quarterback the complexities associated with wealth creation and preservation.

Join us in challenging the status quo.


Business Client Advisory

We offer management consulting and business advisory services, with a focus on the following areas:


Critical thinking to discern, prioritize, and plan long term objectives, with a view to Revenue growth and Profit enhancement, that may include product or geographic expansion, or acquisitive growth strategies.


Thinking through market analysis, competitive dynamics, commercial strategy, operating model, core competencies, and management capabilities, to identify constraints and growth opportunities.



Supporting investment decisions through a critical review of commercial and financial due diligence, with a focus on valuation, structure, thesis, and challenging underwriting assumptions to identify risks.

Enterprise Value

Preparing a business and elevating marketability in order to optimize enterprise value to the seller(s), in consideration of divestiture, management buyout, mergers, or attracting growth capital.


Our Team

We value an entrepreneurial culture that fosters intellectual curiosity and innovative thinking, complemented with the discipline of sound judgment, which aligns us with our client base.

James Sinkeldam

James Sinkeldam

Managing Director & Financial Strategist
Jeff Charbonneau

Jeff Charbonneau

Managing Director & Financial Strategist
Connie Smith

Connie Smith

Financial Strategist
Jamie Lynn Kouhi

Jamie Lynn Kouhi

Executive Assistant


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